LTL Relay Stations and Marshalling Yards

Road Warriors National Locations

Our Marshalling Yards and LTL Relay System give Road Warriors an advantage over the rest of the industry. We have twelve locations strategically located throughout the United States in order to provide premium service for our customers.

"Less Than Truckload" (LTL) Relay System

Due to the increase in single vehicle internet purchases, routing vehicles through our relay stations allows for more efficient auto transportation. Buyers can easily purchase vehicles from any of the 42,600 zip codes in the lower 48 states and not worry about their time requirements. Road Warriors assists by using over 120 years of combined transportation management experience to logistically match trucks with vehicles between shorter distances for on-time transportation. Our LTL Relay System consistently saves one to four days over all the competition for single vehicle transportation over 600 miles.

Road Warriors’ Marshalling Yards

Road Warriors - Marshalling Yard